Joel + Alexis | Hotel Avalon Palm Springs

A true Gemini, I feel there are two sides to me which are sometimes very yin | yang and in balance, and other times I feel they are in opposition - almost like one side is betraying the other. I say this now because as I look at these photos and reflect on my sweet brother´s wedding, the sentimental, soft, and romantic side of me has the clear upper hand. My more edgy, sassy, and slightly sarcastic side is appalled, but it´s too late. I´m a pile of mush for these two. 

Joel + Alexis got married at The Avalon Hotel in Palm Springs, CA and it was an unforgettable weekend of celebrating, storytelling, creating, and partying. For some reason I thought that Palm Springs would be kind of lame. I was dead wrong. The setting is incredible. I felt like a mod movie star partying at the beach. But in the desert. Surrounded by stunning mountains and towering palm trees. Agave, cacti, and succulent gardens rule the land. Pools, cruiser bikes, and vintage mid-century modern design saturate the place- which I´m fine with. The photography that follows is the work of the very talented Addison Jones

The Avalon Hotel was more than I imagined. It is decadent with graphic, color-blocked, clean interior design and landscaping, and there are a million nooks and crannies to explore. It was a really refreshing venue for me to design for,  a brief departure from the rustic, woodsy aesthetic that is prevalent in Northern California. 


Alexis opted for wrist corsages for her bridesmaids and I love how they turned out. Her maids strutted their stuff down the wedding aisle in their super hot dresses, and their wrist corsages added some celebratory flair while freeing them up to swing those arms and work it. The bridesmaids dresses were found on ASOS and I want them all.

I used all sorts of funky, tropical, bright and textural materials for this wedding. Magenta celosia, pink ginger, green fluffy dianthus, hot pink bougainvillea, mini monstera leaves, peach grevillea, ranunculus, garden roses, orchids and protea... but the smash hit were the baby pineapples that I had shipped in from Florida as a special surprise for Alexis. Alexis went to college in Florida and shiny golden pineapples were an element we decided to have as fun accents on the dining tables. I surprised Alexis by incorporating baby pineapples into Joel´s boutonniere, Alexis´s bouquet, and each of the 30 centerpieces which elicited a multitude of ¨eeeee´s!¨ and ¨awwww´s!¨. 

That light. Sigh. 

Oh my god I love them. 

It was such a pleasure collaborating with Alexis on her wedding decor. She has incredible style and  isn´t afraid to take risks and have some fun. Example: giant blow-up swans in the pool for cocktail hour. Also golden animals atop stacks of funky design books, anchoring down balloon bunches. Alexis is a product developer for Chubbies Shorts, a San Francisco-based start-up that is sweeping the nation. Guests at the wedding were invited to change into a pair of Chubbies before dancing commenced, and just like that more than 50 pairs of shorts were snatched up. As they say, ¨Skies out, thighs out¨.

Alexis+Joel-avalon-hotel-wedding-792 (1).jpg

Alexis and Joel worked really hard to create the wedding they wanted, and had the support and help of many creative friends and family to help pull it off. Our brother Nick Connell, sous-chef at The Polo Bar in New York, made an incredible rehearsal dinner for 50+ people by himself. Alexis´s maid of honor, Jen, screen-printed their monogram on each guest´s napkin for the reception. Addison Jones, childhood friend of Alexis and incredible photographer absolutely killed it with these gorgeous images and many more. I had the privilege of course of doing their florals. They even had these navy-striped table runners custom screen-printed by a textile friend in LA. One of my favorite details were the mini golden animals that Alexis and her dad cut in half and turned into magnets to display each place card. Ours are now hangin´ out on the fridge. 

Joel + Alexis are pure gold. I couldn´t be happier that my sweet, gentle, affectionate, hard-working, generous brother found a woman like Alexis who makes him so visibly happy. I have 6 siblings and a sister and brother-in-law, all of whom I think are amazing and love being around. It may seem hard to imagine having room for another sibling- but Alexis had me from the very beginning with her warmth, charm, smarts, humor, and grace. Here´s to the happy couple- may your joy + love for one another never cease. 

Floral Design: Jaclyn K. Nesbitt Designs | Photography: Addison Jones Photography | Venue: Avalon Hotel Palm Springs | Planning + Coordination: Chic Productions

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